Faith with the Lid Off – Contemporary Hymns by David Stevenson

These hymns are freely available subject to the source being acknowledged and copyright respected.
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At the heart of our Connexion
– a hymn for Methodist Recorder’s 150th anniversary
Boundless love in all creation
– an inter-faith hymn
Eternal love, your grace we praise
– a ‘progressive’ hymn
Gladly we address our burdens
– prayer as engagement
Life in abundance, Jesus says
– a call to discipleship
Long years ago the promised Holy Spirit
– a hymn for Pentecost and other seasons
Love one another as I love you all
– the call to unconditional love
Neat not fine our Chapel stands
– a hymn for Wesley’s Chapel
Praise the universal Spirit
– on immanence and mystery
We praise with grateful hearts
– for the 80th birthday of Keith Bailey, organist & choirmaster
We walk where reason may not tread
– on faith, hope, love and the gift of life
Welcome doubt! Refine our thinking
– loving with all our mind
Word of God from Bible page
– various sources of inspiration

Hymn Collection – David Stevenson

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