About Us


The Progressive Christianity Network of South Australia:

  • is a fluid forum of people where there is no formal membership but a sense of community, mutual respect and acceptance
  • is drawn largely from various strands of the Christian heritage
  • welcomes people from other traditions and approaches to faith and meaning
  • provides encouragement and support; a safe place for people to explore questions and alternatives
  • is linked informally with kindred groups and organisations nationally and internationally (see ‘Links’ page)


  • to unravel the mysteries of the Bible
  • to reconstruct a credible faith
  • to explore a spirituality for our times
  • to be inspired by the compassion of Jesus
  • to promote social justice and reconciliation
  • to appreciate the spiritual depths of the First Peoples
  • to affirm the contributions of all faiths
  • to redress our failure to care for Mother Earth


The impetus to form the Progressive Christianity Network of South Australia arose out of a visit to Adelaide by Bishop John Shelby Spong in June 2001. PCNetSA operates under the auspices of the Effective Living Centre which is located at  Christ Church Uniting Church in Wayville, an inner city suburb of Adelaide.

Since formation, PCNetSA has  continued to explore fresh ideas and contemporary faith issues, with regular forums, study groups and visiting speakers, some from overseas.

We recognise that theologians, scholars and others have been engaged in study, research and discussion about so-called ‘progressive ‘ ideas within Christianity for many years.  This scholarship and freedom of thought was not widely available in the past. However, it now provides us all with rich and varied resources.