Advent Study – Alex Rodgers

The ‘real’ Christmas: a Bible Study for Advent
This three-part study for use by groups is written by Rev Alex Rodgers.
The first study looks at the Christmas story as we all believe we know it and compares it to the actual text of the birth narratives in the Gospel According to Matthew and the Gospel According to Luke.

The second study seeks to familiarise us with the ‘context’ in which the birth narratives were written and looks at the social, political and theological backgrounds to the period in which the Gospels were crafted.

The third study examines the Prophetic texts in the birth narratives and seeks to understand what Matthew and Luke intend by them, and how easy it is to take prophecy literally and therefore miss the real reason for its use.

Rev Rodgers has given permission for these studies to be downloaded and copied for use by groups. Please acknowledge the writer and the source and direct any questions related to the studies to Rev Rodgers.

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