Beyond Belief – Journeying at Blackwood UC

Beyond Belief
Sunday 21st Nov 2021

An Atheist, a Buddhist and a Christian walk
into a bar…ahh, I mean…walk into a
church…and onto a panel!
What happens next?
I’m afraid you’ll simply have to be there to
find out!

We live in a world…
…in which reality has been shredded into
opposing, mutually incompatible belief
…in which alternative worldviews and
alternative facts abound.
How can we, as individuals, as communities,
as a world, regain the experience of a shared
How can we move beyond mere belief, to that
unifying “something” which transcends

Explore a different expression of Spirituality in a relaxed atmosphere
Beginning at 5.00pm with wine & cheese
Hosted by the Blackwood Uniting Church Community
266 Main Rd, Blackwood S.A.
Phone: 08 82787699