New Book by Gerard Guiton

New Book by Gerard Guiton

The title of Gerard Guiton’s latest book is taken from a quote by an early Quaker, William Penn. It is about the Kingdom of God (or ‘the Way’) and its practical application in today’s fractured world.

Much of the content was inspired by courses and workshops Gerard has conducted. Its progressive spiritually covers such topics as celebration; truth; faith and trust; the prayer of quiet; peace, justice and compassion; political and spiritual liberation; simplicity and equality; ecology and the non-human world.

Written in accessible language, What Love Can Do will be of help to those wanting an exciting, visionary, down-to-earth theology and/or who have suffered at the hands of the wider Church or non-religious ideologies. It will also be a true companion not only to those who value personal reflection and group discussion, but also to course leaders and their participants as well as spiritual directors/companions.

What Love Can Do: Following the Way of Peace, Justice and Compassion
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What love can do FULL COVER 23.3.2016

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