Val Webb – SA book launch, Nov 20th

November Friday Forum

On Nov 20th Val Webb will be in Adelaide and will talk to her new book at the SA launch of Testing Tradition and Liberating Theology. This event will be held at ELC at 7.30pm. Put it in your diaries now!

“Val Webb has done it again – bringing God-talk out of both the Academy and the Church; and into the everyday. This is a book of liberation in that it allows each one of us to ‘do our own theology’ – to express what we mean by ‘God’ and not leave it to the ecclesiastical or scholastic authorities to make up our minds for us. This is a brave and challenging book that puts God back in the midst of people – where God belongs!” 

Revd Dr Nigel Leaves, Canon St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, Australia, author of Encountering God, Religion Under Attack & The God Problem

“Val Webb invites us into a broad yet comprehensive sweep of much that has influenced the theological landscape for today’s 21st Christian. In doing so Webb both encourages and provokes our thinking about who we are and what we believe. Above all, the book is a call to the lay people of the church to accept responsibility for their own theological explorations and to no longer be shrinking violets in the important matters of informed faith”.
Rev Dr Jennifer Byrnes, Executive Director of the Centre for Theology and Ministry, Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victoria-Tasmania.


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