Two Elephants in the Room – new book by John Bodycomb

With familiar candour and colour, John Bodycomb excoriates church leadership for evading, and layering over with platitudes, two huge questions:

• What future for organised religion in Western societies? and (in light of this)
• What future for the so-called ‘religious professional’?

More information: New Release 2 elephants1

“John Bodycomb, Uniting Church minister, theological educator and sociologist, confronts us with research findings which herald a bleak future for the Christian churches in a secular society like Australia. Further he raises the question of the implications of this for the future of the ordained ministry, and thus for anyone currently contemplating training for that ministry.”

Review by John Gunson…ants-in-the-room/

Life Still Matters – a 3 day workshop at Port Elliott

Life Still Matters…

…YOU matter

AN INVITATION TO ATTEND A 3 DAY WORKSHOP FOR OVER 35s to explore how meaning in life can deepen and grow, with fresh energy as experience and wisdom accumulate.
Purpose is not static. We all have a contribution to make to the world around us.

Presented by Initiatives of Change, 21 to 24 September 2018, at Port Elliott Beach house YHA

For more information and contact details: LSM SA Inv with Application 8e final

Matthew Fox – Keynote Speaker at Common Dreams 5 in 2019

The (r)evolutionary Creation Spirituality movement –
based in ancient Judeo-Christian tradition, supported by leading-edge science,
bearing witness for social, environmental, and gender justice,
and voiced most powerfully for this generation
by spiritual theologian Matthew Fox –
Is flourishing in the creative and prophetic spirit of our times!

CD5 Matthew Fox Keynote  

More from Matthew Fox at

Seminary of the 3rd Age in May: The Interpretation Factor – Re-thinking How to Read the Bible

  • May 3 –‘In front of, inside and behind’ the Text             Norm Habel
  • May 10 – An Eco-Reading of Luke           Michael Trainor
  • May 17 – A Gnostic Reading of John        Robert Crotty
  • May 24 – A Counter-Empire Reading of Romans      Bruce Grindlay

2018 Seminary brochure

Seminary of the 3rd Age in March – The God Factor: Re-thinking the Mystery called God

The Seminary of the 3rd Age curriculum for March looks at

“The God Factor: Re-thinking the Mystery called God”

On March 1 presenter Norm Habel investigates The Indigenous God of Abraham

A close reading of the Abraham narrative reveals early texts that reflect Abraham’s initial relationships with the Canaanites, the indigenous people of the so-called Promised Land. Did Abraham recognise the indigenous God of Canaan? If so, does this present a precedent for recognising the faith of the Australian Aborigines?

Interested? Take a look at the brochure. 2018 Seminary brochure Much much more to come over the course of 2018.

From Liberal Christianity to Post-Christianity: the evolving nature of the Unitarian Church

“Like postmodernity, post-Christian is inclusive of Christianity but not limited to it exclusively.I can preach Christian values in comfort and integrity, but in comfort and integrity I cannot preach ONLY that.”

Rob MacPherson’s excellent introduction to the Unitarian Church in our June Friday Forum