Women in the Wings – Dr Val Webb


Online presentation: Saturday 26 March 2022, 2pm to 4pm.

“Women in the Wings.” – Video.

Dr. Val Webb (Theologian) will take Q&A and discussion following her video.

ZOOM Link:…

Meeting ID: 867 2955 0433 – – Passcode: 868123

~ SoFiA promotes the open exploration of religion, spirituality and the search for meaning ~

All viewpoints welcome. Enquiries: – SOFiA Website.

Olga Gostin – How Culture Shapes Identity

Seminary of the Third Age – 3rd March 2022

The video of this presentation is now available

If you missed Olga’s discussion on identity at last week’s Seminary of the 3rd Age or want to see it again, the video is now available on the Effective Living Centre’s website under Resources, Videos.

Please note that some sensitive material has been edited from the video for privacy reasons.

Interfaith Forum – in the Spirit of Harmony

Come along and hear about the commonalities between Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and the Baha’i Faith in the spirit of Harmony. This forum promotes respectful intercultural relationships and social cohesion, by raising awareness about what diverse faiths have in common, as well as some unique difference. The event promotes positive messages about intercultural and interfaith communication and collaboration.

Welcome to Country: Rosemary Wanganeen

Emcee: Mayor Hanna

Wednesday 23 March, 7pm–8.30pm

Marion Cultural Centre – Domain Theatre

287 Diagonal Road, OAKLANDS PARK

8375 6855 FREE! Bookings Essential


Stan Grant – 2022 Wilks Oration

If you missed Stan Grant’s amazing address – “The Politics of Identity” – or if you just want to view it again, here’s our video recording of the event. Beautiful music from Vonda Last as well.
Go to the ELC website select ‘Resources’ and then ‘Videos’ from the drop down menu.
We encourage you to get the word out to your friends and acquaintances – this is an important “message for our times”.

The video is available to you free of charge, but we invite you to make a donation to the ongoing work of the ELC in providing great programs to the community.

Beyond Belief – Journeying at Blackwood UC

Beyond Belief
Sunday 21st Nov 2021

An Atheist, a Buddhist and a Christian walk
into a bar…ahh, I mean…walk into a
church…and onto a panel!
What happens next?
I’m afraid you’ll simply have to be there to
find out!

We live in a world…
…in which reality has been shredded into
opposing, mutually incompatible belief
…in which alternative worldviews and
alternative facts abound.
How can we, as individuals, as communities,
as a world, regain the experience of a shared
How can we move beyond mere belief, to that
unifying “something” which transcends

Explore a different expression of Spirituality in a relaxed atmosphere
Beginning at 5.00pm with wine & cheese
Hosted by the Blackwood Uniting Church Community
266 Main Rd, Blackwood S.A.
Phone: 08 82787699

Finding Progressive Friends

One of the great challenges for the UCFORUM has been how to respond effectively to the many people who request information about progressive congregations and individuals in their area. Some would like to join a church where diversity, inclusivity and exploration are practiced. Others are looking for intellectual challenge in the teaching and activities of a congregation. Many are just looking for other individuals like themselves who think outside the box, or cannot abide literal, non-critical interpretations of scripture. Often people in the latter group don’t want to associate with a church because of their experiences. They just want to join a small group of people that can encourage each other in their life journey. There is obviously a significant number of people looking for progressive friends.