Journeying Series – Blackwood UC

The Journeying Series has been running at Blackwood UC for several years and seeks to broaden faith and spirituality beyond its often narrow confines. Events such as the spirituality of sustainability, indigenous spirituality, and spirituality in art and music. The next one is Journeying through Science and Wonder, and the final one, with a group of 3 panellists, is on journeying “Beyond Belief.”

Each session begins at 5pm with wine and cheese

Science and Wonder 5-7pm, Sunday 19th September

A journey into the wonders of existence. A journey into the wonders of life. A journey of discovery in which science reveals new ways of looking at such spiritual concepts as meaning and purpose, “soul,” and even human destiny.

Beyond Belief 5-7pm, Sunday 21st November

We live in a world…in which reality has been shredded into opposing, mutually incompatible belief systems, in which alternative worldviews and alternative facts abound. How can we, as individuals, as communities, as a world, regain the experience of a shared reality? How can we move beyond mere belief, to that unifying “something” which transcends belief?

20th Anniversary Celebration

There will be a celebratory dinner at La Tombola Restaurant in Unley on Tuesday 27th April. Guest Speaker will be Co-Founder of PCNetSA, Sean Gilbert. Places are limited, so please contact us soon by email if you are a long-time supporter of PCNet and would like to be part of the celebration.


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Rediscovering a Mystical Pathway for Our Times

An invitation to a Retreat led by Martin Samson
“A Mystical Pathway for our Senses: Developing the Spiritual Senses”.

Venue: Adelaide West Uniting Church

Begins Friday 4th October 6pm with a simple meal. Ends Saturday 5th October with a celebratory evening meal. Billets can be arranged for country participants.

Cost: $50 Concession $45

If you are interested, please let us know via the ELC office 8271 0329 or email