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WELCOME… a network of people who are exploring new approaches to Christianity in their search for meaning and the development of a contemporary spirituality

Create Peace

The Outrageous Pursuit of Peace in the 21st Century

A Post Easter Series led by Jonathan and Janeen Barker

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Seminary of the  3rd Age

Re-thinking Faith in the 21st Century

An Invitation

You are invited to participate in the inaugural program of the Seminary of the 3rd Age.

The program, conducted by respected theological scholars and leaders, offers persons young and old, of any faith or no faith, the opportunity to explore and reflect on questions of faith and spirituality relevant in the 21st Century.

The seminars are designed to enable free discussion and debate as to what faith, spirituality and identity might mean amid the paradox of knowledge and mystery we now associate with the 21st Century.

The Seminary of the 3rd Age is supported by The Progressive Christianity of SA, a network that recognises the evolving nature of spirituality and also values intellectual honesty, recognising the contribution of science and history in informing our worldview.

Each seminar topic in the Seminary of the 3rd Age is of four weeks’ duration, taking place on Thursday evenings during the months of March, May, August and October 2018

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Topic descriptions and information about each presenter are available here






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