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WELCOME… a network of people who are exploring new approaches to Christianity in their search for meaning and the development of a contemporary spirituality

Networking Day – Saturday Nov 18th 2017

An Authentic Spirituality for the 21st Century

A panel of three speakers covering three different aspects of 21st century spirituality.

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Spirituality seeps through all parts of life, and truly reflects the Great Commandment of heart, mind, soul and body. For me, right loving, right thinking, right being and right doing, are when life is in balance. Celtic spirituality reflected religious practices for everyday living that begun when you awoke in the morning to what and where ever you found yourself, and stayed with you even as you settled to the evening rest through the night.

Anne Hewitt has been fortunate to live lives in an ecumenical family of protesting Protestants and wider inter-faith community where discussing and sharing spiritual matters were the norm not an aberration. This helped develop a sharing and questioning mind and deep listening to the other, to hear and openly discuss difference and new unfolding ways of spiritual expression and enrichment. She has a Scottish ancestry and is drawn to Celtic spiritual practices, and loves dialoguing with God about that which comes before her every day. She finds spiritual expressions with mindful practice in everyday living are just tickety boo for her

The Enduring Contribution of Aboriginal Spirituality to 21st Century Thinking?

Where does Aboriginal Spirituality sit in harmony with a modern day culture, is it lost or is it the key contributor to the evolution of mankind as the creator intended us to take note of ?

Ivan-Tiwu Copley (OAM, JP) is a Kaurna Peramangk man from Ade- laide Plains and Mt Lofty Ranges. Ivan is self employed as a Aborigi- nal Consultant, Chairperson of the TURKINDI Network of SA Inc , on the Adelaide Council Reconciliation Committee from 2003-2017 and Dual-chairperson. He delivers Cultural learning, State and National Statistics, Australian History, Missions & Homes and a Nationally registered Aboriginal Creator.

Ecozoic Living: A Practical Eco-Spirituality

Elizabeth McKinley, a researcher in the area of health and spirituality, identifies four modalities of ‘mediating ultimate meaning’: religion, art & music, relationships, and nature. This presentation introduces a framework for tapping into one of those deep wells: nature. The frame- work, called Ecozoic Living, is based on an idea from Thomas Berry called the Ecozoic Era: a time when human beings will learn to be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner. Ecozoic Living breaks the idea down into four areas of reflection that nourish our spirits and energise our activism.

Jana Norman, an ordained minister in the progressive United Church of Christ (USA), is a PhD student at the University of Ade- laide Law School. Her research focuses on redefining legal person- hood in terms of the human-Earth relationship. Jana convenes the Community of the Cosmic Person as part of this research, at www.- Jana holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Florida and a Masters of Divinity from Yale University, and is a certified Permaculture Designer.

Networking Day Program – further information and RSVP request will be available soon


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